Join the campaign to #ElectEdda!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our campaign. If you’re interested, please endorse Edda Collins Coleman as a candidate for the Orinda Union School District (OUSD) Governing Board and help us guide OUSD forward.

State & Local Elected Officials

State Senator Steve Glazer

Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

Orinda Mayor Dennis Fay

Orinda Vice Mayor Inga Miller

Darlene K. Gee, Orinda City Council

Nick Kosla, Orinda City Council

Amy Worth, Orinda City Council

Carol Brown, President, OUSD Governing Board

Hillary Weiner, Vice President, OUSD Governing Board

Liz Daoust, OUSD Governing Board Trustee

Cara Hoxie, OUSD Governing Board Trustee

Jason Kaune. OUSD Governing Board Trustee

Linda Landau, Former OUSD Governing Board Trustee

Karen Murphy, Former OUSD Governing Board Trustee

Julie Rossiter, Former OUSD Governing Board Trustee

Pat Rudebusch, Former OUSD Governing Board Trustee

Sue Severson, Former OUSD Governing Board Trustee and Orinda City Council Member

Pam West, Former OUSD Governing Board Trustee

Susan Epstein, Former AUHSD Governing Board Trustee


Orinda Education Association (OEA)

The Democratic Party of Contra Costa County (DPCCC)

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction

LaMorinda Democratic Club

Community Support

Gina Gabriel

Marcie and Mark Tuttle

Vincent Davis

Dr. Kristen Hoover

Samantha Ku

Christina Linezo

Hillary Murphy

Sujay Parikh

Roxanne Christophe

Stacy Crinks

Roshni Hurt

Praveen Singh

Carol Sueoka

Alicia Keenan

Lina Lee

Sara Munday

Helen and Pete Hasselman (Orinda Citizen of the Year 2019)

Tish and Steve Harwood

Melanie Hurley

“Edda brings a diverse skill set and a breadth of knowledge that will enhance and bolster the next OUSD school board. She is an advocate and a collaborator who will keep the priorities of Orinda students at the center of her work. An outstanding school district must have an outstanding school board and therefore, I absolutely support Edda Collins Coleman.

-Alicia Keenan, OUSD Mom

“I'm thrilled to endorse Edda Collins Coleman for the Orinda Union School District Governing Board. She brings outstanding experience, commitment and energy to our community and will have a positive impact on the future of our schools.

-Sara Munday, OUSD Mom

“Edda is a wonderful collaborator and committed advocate. We worked together on the redevelopment of OUSD’s mission statement and strategic directions. I appreciate Edda’s vision, focus and dedication to the Orinda community and OUSD. I believe Edda will make a positive contribution to OUSD and be an excellent school board member.”

-Hillary Weiner, Orinda School Board Vice President and Mom

“Edda is a steadfast OUSD leader and volunteer. Her collaborative style, advocacy expertise, and steadfast dedication to ensuring the best education for the children of Orinda will make her an asset to OUSD's Board. I am thrilled to endorse Edda's candidacy.”

-Roxanne Christophe, OUSD Mom

"I'm honored to endorse Edda, not only as a mom but as a woman of color who celebrates individuality and being proud of who you are. This is the type of leader who I want my child to grow up knowing. I trust Edda in keeping OUSD priorities consistent with the principles of her campaign and with how she has raised her own daughters."

-Samantha Ku, Orinda Mom

“Edda Collins Coleman is a collaborative leader who deeply understands our schools, district and community. She will bring great experience, vision and dedication to the Orinda Union School District Board as both a parent and policy/communications expert, and her voice will be essential in continuing the positive trajectory of our educational programs. As an OUSD Board member, I fully endorse Edda's candidacy in November's election and urge everyone to Elect Edda!”

-Liz Daoust, Orinda School Board Trustee and Mom

"Edda is an experienced leader, a dedicated mother, and a valued member of the community. We all would be honored to have her representing our schools and our children."

-Roshni Hurt, OUSD Mom

“Edda Collins Coleman has already proven that she is devoted to ensuring our children receive the best education. She will be a valuable addition to the Orinda School Board, as she fosters unity around the issues that matter to Orinda’s children, families, teachers, staff and administrators. I fully endorse her candidacy for this upcoming school board election and encourage everyone to vote for Edda as our next member of the Orinda School Board.”

- Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, D-Orinda and OUSD Mom

"I’m thrilled to endorse Edda’s candidacy for the OUSD Governing Board. She has an indelible record of advocacy for all Orinda students and will be an asset in shaping an enriching education for our children."

-Ellyn Walker Pickett, OUSD Mom

“Edda Collins Coleman is a proven leader and a dedicated volunteer. She will bring her considerable skills as a communicator and collaborator to her service on the OUSD School Board ensuring that every child and teacher is valued, and that the district continues its tradition of excellence in education. I am happy to fully endorse her candidacy and urge everyone to vote for her."

- Carol Brown, Orinda School Board President

”I am beyond thrilled that Edda is running! She is incredibly bright and well-networked, committed to our schools and community, and an excellent listener and communicator. We would be so lucky to have her in this important role.”

-Stacy Crinks, OUSD Mom

“Edda's years of volunteer service and leadership approach will make her an incredible addition to the Orinda School Board. I believe our community and school board will be well served with Edda on our Governing Board.”

-Cara Hoxie, Orinda School Board Trustee and Mom